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The Little Mermaid Jr

The Little Mermaid Jr. is a heartwarming tale of a mermaid name Ariel, who dreams of becoming human.  She falls madly in love with Prince Eric after she rescues him from a shipwreck, so she trades her voice to the evil sea witch Ursula in exchange for legs. She has three days to get Eric to kiss her before the spell is reversed. This production was put on by four different groups of actors, with a separate design for each age group.

Director: Jonathan Beck Reed

Lighting Designer: Isabel Delgado

Music Director: Makenzie Ford

Choreographers: Makenzie Ford & Jessica Cajina

Set & Costume Design: Jonathan Beck Reed

Set Built: Ben Hall

Sound Design: Maddi Hecklesburgh

Wigs: Brauna Gffeller

Photographer: Emma Castor with EGC Snaps

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